Volunteers for Book Sales

Sales are usually held at least 3 times per year Spring (March/April), Summer (June/July/August) and Fall.

Positions include: cashier, book counter, replenisher, set-up/take down, kitchen, children’s section.

Some tasks require physical labour (eg. trolleying boxes, lifting/moving books & boxes, standing for more than an hour); Phone and/or email access required.

Recruiting & Co-ordinating Volunteers

  • Contact individuals by phone and/or e-mail
  • Maintain the volunteer schedule for a sale or event – schedule individuals appropriately
  • Maintain volunteer database– update contact information, add/delete individuals, note areas of expertise
  • Recruit volunteers for fundraising and other events as needed
  • Participation at annual (September) KCR Community Resources Volunteer Opportunities Fair
  • Participation at some sales is advantageous, but not required

Phone & email access required; MS Office Word skills required; basic Excel spreadsheet skills advantageous

Publicity/Public Relations

  • Contact radio (CBC & local stations), TV (e.g. Global Community Info Segment), newspapers (e.g. Capital News, Daily Courier), local magazines (e.g. Mission & Glenmore neighbourhoods), internet (e.g. Castanet), other community groups (e.g. Project Literacy, School Districts, Seniors/Retirement facilities, neighbourhood associations) with fund-raising information
  • Compose & circulate information releases for local media
  • Assist in design, printing & distribution of event fliers and posters, including liaison with ORL graphic/web designers
  • Assist in developing content (text, photographs) for director maintaining Kelowna FOL website, Facebook account and future social media initiatives
  • Assist in developing content for director editing Kelowna FOL newsletter
  • Attend FOL sales & hosted events

Phone & email access required; MS Office Word skills required; publishing/writing (including web, social media), graphic design and/or photographic skills advantageous

Volunteer Coordinators

  • Attend up to 8 meetings per year (once a month except July & August)
  • Assist with event organisation
  • Participate on sub-committees e.g. volunteer recruitment, publicity
  • Attend FOL sales & hosted events, as available
  • Represent Kelowna FOL and host events at library branches & community events
  • Represent Kelowna FOL at ORL Friends events
  • Possibly take on an executive position (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)


In addition to above duties for Directors:

  • Record minutes and distribute (email) to all directors prior to meetings
  • Prepare agenda for each meeting and distribute (email) to all directors prior to meetings
  • Maintain Kelowna FOL central files (digital & print)
  • Co-ordinate with director (publicity & public relations) on management of society email account
  • Assist President in liaison with ORL Headquarters & branch librarians
  • Assist President as contact for enquiries from community & City of Kelowna

Volunteer Financial Coordinator

In addition to above duties for Directors:

  • Administer FOL financial activities in compliance with BC Society Act & Regulations and with financial institutions, City of Kelowna, insurance agencies and investment agencies/societies such as Central Okanagan Foundation
  • Liaise with ORL Financial Department/officers on transactions such as branch wishlists funding
  • Prepare monthly financial reports, distribute (email) and present to directors
  • Prepare financial statements, if necessary with accountants , for Annual General Meetings and present report to members
  • Maintain Kelowna FOL financial files (digital & print)
  • Administer financial matters associated with book sales & events (including attendance at sales or appropriately delegating to another executive director; preparing instructions for, training and monitoring of volunteer cashiers)
  • Administer financial matters associated with operation of Barlee sorting house

For all Volunteer Coordinator positions

Phone & email access required; good communication and collaborative skills required; MS Office Word skills required; MS Office Excel /spreadsheet & Access /database skills advantageous; Other directorial experience in non-profit / volunteer-based societies or working experience in administrative functions advantageous.