Funds Raised

What happens to funds raised by Kelowna Friends of the Library?

Kelowna FOL have raised between $30,000 and $40,000 annually to the benefit of downtown Kelowna, Mission and Rutland branches plus all 30 branches in ORL system. FOLs foremost commitment is to support children’s literacy via Summer Reading Club, with funding (averaging $7,000 annually) that would not be readily found elsewhere for contests, prizes, crafts, workshops & guest presenters.

Funds go towards year-round programming for children, teens and adults to keep our libraries lively & relevant including: $6,000 towards a Recording Studio project for Kelowna branch Maker Space & $2000 for MicroMasterpieces fiction writing contests across the three branches; Visits by local authors (e.g. Valley Voices) & speakers (e.g. Indigenous representatives for Next Steps to Reconciliation film discussions; talks on community services, crafting & travel)

Top 33 Library Things Funded by Friends Kelowna

  • MakerSpace tech materials
  • Board games & Game board table
  • Bean bags for Children’s area
  • Fairytale Mural for Children’s reading nook
  • Flat-screen TV & mobile stand
  • Display shelving units
  • Digital microform reader/printer aiding genealogical research


  • Puppets & Puppet stall
  • Lego kits & Board games
  • Teen Time crafting supplies
  • Adult Book Club refreshments & seasonal decor
  • Potted plants & display table


  • Rockin ride-on animal seats
  • Competition chessboards
  • Keva planks & Lego
  • Tabletop puppet theatre
  • Storytime reading chairs & stools
  • Hanging lights for children’s media corner
  • Refreshments, supplies & honoraria for: English Corner, ASL Basics for Teens / Adults

Finally, 40% of book sale proceeds, ($17,338 for 2022) goes to ORL HQ for system-wide projects such as STEAM kits (3D printing & coding bots) for unique Maker workshops, crafting and art take-and-makes; magician performances & science presenters for Summer Reading Club; pamphlets 100 Books to Read Together before Kindergarten, audio & e-book collections and ORL book bags.

Wish-list items at your branch include:

Kelowna Branch

Mission Branch

  • Keva planks, ipods & lego sets
  • Bean bag chairs for children’s and teens area
  • Puppet stall; furniture for reading nook
  • Electric Fireplace
  • Display tables for takeout surprise bags
  • Christmas trees for adult and children’s areas

Rutland Branch

  • Keva planks and Lego sets
  • Globus Soft chairs in Children’s Area
  • Seasonal decorative items including Christmas tree
  • Children’s Mural Lounging Lions
  • Christmas with the Chiefs materials and games
  • Hanging “bee” light for children’s media corner
  • Word quotation on wall
  • Tabletop puppet theatre
  • Competition Chessboards
Kelowna Friends of the Library also fund branch visits by authors, speakers, and performers across the year, and help host special events (Citizenship Ceremonies).