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What happens to funds raised by Kelowna Friends of the Library


In May each year, Kelowna Friends of the Library Directors review wish lists submitted by the branch librarians – for 2018 $10,490, for 2017 $10712, for 2016 $6950, for 2015  $8725, for 2014 $9652, for 2013 $12,645 and for 2012 $12,065 worth of items were approved. Foremost amongst the wishes is the Kelowna Friends of the Library's commitment to supporting the Summer Reading Club programming – for 2018 $5945, for 2017 $5942, for 2016 $4950 and for 2015 $5100 – for crafts, giveaways, prizes, and additional guest presenters at the three branches.

Wish list items at your branch include:

Kelowna Branch

Display shelving units, props, and pedestals

Board games and game board table

• Flat-screen TV and mobile stand

• Presentation station

Mural for children’s reading nook

• Themed mat at Children’s Desk

• Historical photo banner for Reference bays

Optelec book reader
(Donated by the Friends of the Kelowna Library, the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary Club, and the National Library of Canada)

Mission Branch

• Keva planks,ipods & lego sets

• Bean bag chairs for children’s and teens area

• Puppet stall; furniture for reading nook

• Electric Fireplace

• Display tables for takeout surprise bags

• Christmas trees for adult and children's areas

Rutland Branch

• Keva planks and Lego sets

• Globus Soft chairs in Children’s Area

Seasonal decorative items including Christmas tree

• Children's Mural Lounging Lions

• Christmas with the Chiefs materials and games

• Hanging “bee” light for children’s media corner

• Word quotation on wall

Tabletop puppet theatre

• Competition Chessboards


Kelowna Friends of the Library also fund branch visits by authors, speakers, and performers across the year, and help host special events (Citizenship Ceremonies).

Kelowna FOL has funded seasonal ads that promote programs at the Kelowna, Mission and Rutland branch libraries published in the City of Kelowna Activity and Program Guides

Finally, 40% of the proceeds from our major book sales go to Okanagan Regional Library Headquarters for system-wide projects. In 2013, the allocation $14,498 was utilized towards TakeOut Surprise book bags.

In 2014, the allocation $11770 was utilized twoards Pamphlet:100 Books To Read before you are five.

In 2015, the allocation $11637 was utilized towards SRC Magician Visit to all 29 ORL branches.

In 2016, the allocation was $11737 was utilized towards SRC Performers Visits to all 29 ORL branches.

In 2017, the allocation was $ 11,080.

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